Printing and Coding Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry

PrintJet Corporation’s extensive knowledge of coding and printing on a variety of products makes us a perfect partner for manufacturers within the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly regulated manufacturing sectors. As a result, information coding plays an important role in industry traceability.

Coding and marking in the pharmaceutical industry must always be clear and accurate. Our printer equipment and advanced ink technologies are ideally suited for porous and non-porous materials and integrate very easily into the production environment. We offer a full line of alcohol-based inks that are commonly used for applications on pharmaceutical industry items.

With a wide range of printing styles, colors, and sizes, PrintJet offers many options for any pharmaceutical product identification marking and coding application. Our printers can print the date/time, lot number, expiration date, or product specifications onto a number of different products. High resolution options are suitable for bar codes, graphics, and logos.

To learn more about PrintJet Corporation’s capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry, please contact us.