Printing and Coding Equipment for the Packaging Industry

The variety of packaging materials, environments and applications requires a diverse range of coding and marking solutions. As a leader in product identification printing and coding, PrintJet Corporation recognizes that a breadth of solutions are necessary to meet the various requirements of the packaging industry. Our versatile printing systems and replacement inks fit easily into most packaging conveyor lines to produce high quality and cost efficient codes on any substrate.

Whether your requirements include coding on cardboard cartons in a dry and dusty environment or plastic in a wet packaging line, we offer an economical solution for your specific needs. PrintJet’s systems are ideal for porous materials such as cardboard or wood, and for non-porous materials such as glass, metals, and plastics. Our printers have the capabilities to print graphics, logos and bar codes to incorporate onto a packaging design. PrintJet’s complete range of quality products guarantees that we can provide a system that meets the needs of any packaging industry application.

With an easy integration into any conveyor line, printer systems from PrintJet Corporation are an economical and efficient solution for printing and coding in the packaging industry. Contact us today to learn more about PrintJet’s offerings for the packaging industry.