Leibinger Printers

PrintJet is proud to offer LEIBINGER small character inkjet printers to the industrial coding market. The high quality of LEIBINGER printers offers our customers a reliable and long lasting printing solution that fits in well with our goal of providing top-quality industrial printing solutions. High End C.J. printers featuring German Engineering & Technologies. 

The LEIBINGER family of printers is available in three models that offer a variety of options for a wide range of applications. These printers are highly valued for their versatile and integrated solutions with well-engineered and dependable technologies. All industries, no matter what the coding requirement is, benefit from utilizing one of these CIJ coders. These printers are proven to out perform the leading OEM printers.

LEIBINGER printers accept a wide variety of inks and ink colors to meet the needs of specific industry applications.Stainless steel cabinet construction make these units suitable for harsh production environments and, with theSealtronic nozzle sealing system, it affords a greater amount of flexibility in production runs. Having a printer that is always ready to print is a great advantage and reduces service and maitenance costs. 



  • Up to 24 dpi print resolution with up to 3 lines of print
  • Text, graphics, and barcode capabilities
  • Robust, solid stainless steel cabinet with touch-screen
  • Easy refill with screw-in bottles for the
  • Windows operation system = Easy Operation
  • Economic maintenance
  • Absolute reliability – made in Germany
  • USB, Ethernet and digital I/O


  • Windows-based interface- User friendly
  • 10.4" touch screen
  • USB, Ethernet and digital I/O
  • Low printhead maintenance with unique nozzle seal and hydraulics design
  • Automatic control and monitoring of printing parameters
  • Up to 32 dpi print resolution with up to 5 lines of print
  • Low ink and make-up usage
  • Fast printing – 6.6 meters (21.65ft) per second 0r 400 meters per minute 1300ft/minute
  • Can be ordered for pigmented inks or sealed for washdown or dusty areas


  • Automated traverse system
  • Applications where the printhead should be moved over the product
  • Single or multiple products can easily be imprinted in a row

Leibinger Case Study

Below is a case history for the Jet3up pigmented printer and the new version of the 79000-00108 white ink. This application is specific to the wire and cable industry, but the excellent performance characteristics of the pigmented Jet3 platform is relevant to any industry. Printhead and preventative maintenance intervals that are far longer than the competition as well as the lower cost of 79000-00108 white ink make this a winning combination!

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Leibinger Case Study

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